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Upcoming credits

Kelvin Harrison Jr and Joseph Prowen in Chevalier

Joseph plays Mozart in 'Chevalier'

Some previous credits

Joseph Prowen in A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol

Royal Shakespeare Company
Directed by Rachel Kavanaugh

As Scrooge's impossibly upbeat nephew, Fred, in David Edgar's beautiful adaptation. This was a good one. So good in fact, he did it twice. Once in 2017 with Phil Davis as Scrooge, and again in 2022 with Adrian Edmonson as the old bugger. Both legendary.


Nottingham Playhouse,
Leeds Playhouse
Directed by Adam Penford

Played banjo AND had a moustache in this one. Another dreamy company, sickeningly talented, led by Jenna Russell.

Joseph Prowen and Jenna Russell in Piaf
Father Brown.jpg
Father Brown:
The Celestial Choir

Directed by Paul Gibson

Cast and crew to die for, loads of fun to film. Sang some songs, frolicked in the countryside.

 Trial By Laughter
Watermill / UK tour
Directed by Caroline Leslie

Ian Hislop and Nick Newman's play about William Hone, the bookseller who defended himself in court against libel and blasphemy charges, and won. Another gorgeous company, laughed a lot. One reviewer said  "Joseph Prowen is immediately likeable as Hone, seeming to become pale to the point of transparency as he ploughs on through his ordeal".

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 17.23.00.png
Midsomer Murders:
Curse of the Ninth

Directed by Matt Carter

Played the violin in this one, another legendary cast and crew.

Decline and Fall

Directed by Guillem Morales

Played a cockney prison guard. That's Eva Longoria on the right. She couldn't believe her luck.

Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 20.54.25.png

Full list of credits here.

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